Thursday, March 6, 2014


Day two of Lent

..and I'm spent. It's a pleasant kind of exhaustion, but surprising none the less. The more I've sought clarity. The more those I love appeared in need.  An I've extended myself, seamlessly. When at a time I'd most likely shop or plan another trip.. I was just there. And able. Being "Able" to give any peace of mind to anyone you love ..for far be it a moment,  is amazing. Just for the mere fact, I could've been that person. Yet I wasn't. I was able.

I'm able. I'm blessed for that.

Side note: I've lost interest in Scandal. Rhonda Rhimes has stepped it up in Grey's Anatomy. So I'm happy ..and in true Grey's form.. I'm grateful for

"My Person"

..and even more grateful to have "Person's"

"My Person"- bestfriend, confidant, mind-reader, complaint holder, Soul connected lifer

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