Monday, March 17, 2014


Blasting Ellie Goulding's remake, of Elton John's "Your Song"...

Subtle perfection.

Last night, we went to her show.
Her voice is as feathery and delicate, live.

Had a great weekend. Did some spring cleansing. Bought some white sage and girl scout cookies. Feeling refreshed and lifted. On our way home last night, he just stood there and said "Look. It's soo peaceful out here" soft marshmallow sized snowflakes, fell. DC did look beautiful last night. Looked like a December night actually. A December night, in March.

As I cleansed and reflected, I smiled. Smiled for all those who've come and gone, or I had to let go. Smiled at the times we've laughed. Memories we've made. No need to reflect on the negatives, or why they're gone. Cuz the moments we had worth sharing, were still worth it ..and that's all I'm sure of. You choose your friends like you choose your happiness. An all smiles are accounted for :)

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