Saturday, March 8, 2014


It's a disservice to be unhappy. No inauthentic aura's allowed. Let your stillness spill in abundance.

Every one's consumed by diet. By everything they digest, drink, sip and pour, for outer results. Which is nice, but what feeds your soul?

Everything in your circumference leaves a watermark.. a stain. Picture you wearing some fresh ass white clothes on a sunny day. Fresh out the shower. When someone hands you some trash to disperse. Halfway there and you're splashed by some residue. Gross, huh? That's what negative energy feels like to me.

Things we watch, listen to and entertain. All leave watermarks. Stains. Just like everything you place in your body, affects your figure? Everything you allow in your daily circumference, feeds your soul. So many people have an "Oh, well the majority's doing it attitude"


Just about every urban lifestyle show is based around malicious intent and lack or non-existent use of monogamy. Like.. is THIS OUR CULTURE? This is what we're known for. I couldn't picture watching the Cosby show, and grabbing popcorn as Cliff shitted on Claire for Mrs. Judy (at the office). Nor is it one show. It's just about every urban shows, situational format.

Which leads to regurgitated social discussions on loyalty, misogyny, distrust and deception. Everyday. You log onto a site, formed on opinion.. if 80% is guided towards placing blame, projecting self worth, entitlements and superiority? What kind of subconscious watermark would it might leave?

Nothing I'm checking for..

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