Friday, July 17, 2009

Cheaters never Proser....or do they?

Is once a cheater always a Cheater???

This is a day old question with new and old found answers. One of my friends hit me up with this earlier. When I responded ....Everyone agreed!

"A cheater is like a bad plane
...yea it fucked up once but its a high risk to fuck up again"

I never say once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater but, most often then none that is the case. Some people live an learn. Some people do it out of spite an have their reasons. An some people just don't care about who they hurt an how they hurt them. An some people just mess up! No one is perfect, but putting faith in someone who may not deserve it is tough.

People may say they change, but do they really? It takes a growth to realize your flaws. Even more growth in trying to improve. Theirs so many stigma's that come with relationships, w/o your mate constantly adding to it. Trust an communication is the foundation to anything especially love. An when you doubt someone you'll never be happy. When you trusted someone an they give you reasons to doubt them, theirs nothing far worse. Even if you forgive them, how can you trust they won't let you down again? Everything now is questionable! They've officially ruined your sanity....

You begin wondering why they didn't respond? Is that "JUST" a friend? Was it only once? What was the reason? Can I trust you? Are you worth this? The list goes on and on... It takes a lot walking into a new situation knowing his/her faults? It's hard for someone to want to date you if your known as a damn cheater! lmao I'm just saying... Can you blame them??? Of course you gonna tell me what I want to hear. Of course you've changed...Of Course! Sounds Nice!

But let's say it's not someone new. What if your dating someone an they cheated, but say it won't happen again. Do you forgive? Most people do regardless of what they say. Love makes you forgive an do most things you say you wouldn't! Fact! But it's far sadder when you lose hope in the one you love. You may love them but no longer have a desire for them. What's the point? You can't desire someone roaming the streets. Like they say "fuck is you doing? You Embarrassing us!" I rather not be in Love then to lose Love in trust! It'll drive you nuts. People can learn from the paths they've laid. Just make sure they're ready to create a new way!

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Trill said...

people change over time but its up to them to want to change. if u lose sanity tryin to figure out all the question to why they cheated. im sure u really dont want to know