Sunday, July 19, 2009

Men Go Hard or Go Home!

OK! So these are just my thoughts an what the DMV has shown me as of lately.

All Cards on DECK!

In 09' the MEN are going IN! I've been feeling all so indecisive. I'm honestly at a lost because I'm not use to these focused cool ass dudes who aren't about the bullshit. It's refreshing an hilarious because I'm still tryna figure if it's a age thing or a maturity thing. Or maybe it just the ugly duckling thing. Niggas who weren't use attention growing up, are still running around with their heads cut off now. As opposed to the Men who always looked good, an basically have "Been there done That." It's not hard to be faithful or better yet just commit. They've seen every type of women an just want someone to connect with. They know what they want and they have no problem with letting you know.

At first, I thought it was just one case of a person just knowing what he wants. I tried to establish the reasons for his sureness. Maybe it was his age, or just his drive. More focussed men don't need useless money hungry groupies. They just want someone they can trust an be open with. But then I ran across another Man who just knew what he wanted. An then another, which basically lead me to believe it's a new era. They're worldly, outgoing, smart, and Yes Attractive! Maybe they've seen the nonsense early, an refuse to be caught up by some one night stand thats KEEPING! Or broads that's press to go out all week an would talk to you. Yet soon as ol boy come by 6'3 with money to spend, she's open. An she making you follow guidelines, while my boys tell me he had her going! Ha They just reach the point of realness real quick!

An it's crazy cause they looking at me like "Why you not somebody's baby?" They feel like they stumble on Wtf? Ok, I'm about to shut it down. But now there's a problem. If more niggas were still dumb, then you could win. But more Men are wisening up. They're playing for keeps, and going all in. An I'm actually impressed, an not much for words on this. Black Men are impressing me lately....Ya'll Got IT!

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Trill said...

this be on facebook for more can see! this might be the best blog ive read in a while. shout outtoallthe real niggas on deck. not just real to go hard but real to treat people as you want to be treated.