Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is Jewish the New Black Comedy?!?!

"Fuck you hormones! You're a crazy bitch, not Alison, I'm talking to the hormones" ... "Maybe I will go fuck my bong, doggy style for once!.....Oh It's a girl, go buy some pink shit!" ~Pete.

Now I don't know about you, but I now some smart ass's that would say that! An it ain't your typical star of David carrier! But I'm apparently none the wiser, but I love it...

I don't know about you but Jewish humor is parallel to black humor. They don't sugar coat shit, and revel in asinine activity. For instance in this clip. It seemed like no one could relate to Larry or ever understood him. But if he got with Vivica, it would of been a perfect fit!


Seinfeld, which was a show about Nothing! Whose motto was "no hugging, no learning"... All that cookie cutter crap from other shows wouldn't be enforced. If you couldn't get with it then you better had grew the hell up!


Jam said...

I totally agree!! That clip was HILARIOUS :D

Anonymous said...

Nothing is the new black anything.