Monday, July 13, 2009

New Orleans Essence ....just a week ago!


It's one thing to hear about the Levee's an another to see it in person. It gave me chills, an pissed me OFF! They didn't even rebuild it!!! They just patched up where it broke....Wtf! You can tell by the new paint by where it broke literally! Smh

The Lower Ninth Ward, which is yet to be fully repaired and reinstated. A large part of the homes were evacuated an marked. Some house where gone all together! Just the first three steps left to show what was.

One of the homes Brad Pitt build for those in Katrina. Houses were given to those with property deeds.

Out of all the clubs we went to... Harras Casino etc... House of Blues was by far the MOST fun!

Voodoo shops on every corner... SERIOUSLY! lls

We was playing Rock Band any moment we had free!

Swagging an Surfing before we hit the Clubs....

Cookout Pool Party....Chef was ON POINT!

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