Friday, July 10, 2009

FB v.s Twitter & Phones! Does too much Communication create Miscommincation?

Ola Blogkito's!!! lmao OK I was New Orleans for the past week for Essence! It had its highs an lows but I'll choose to remember the Highs! I know y'all missed me soo let's GO!

COMMUNICATION! Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH!?

Now that Everyone is on every social network, it should be easy to keep up and in touch with everyone right? WRONG! Why is that??? To many assumptions, allusions, and misleading information displayed daily. People only put out what they want you to see. Unless someone else puts out what they think you should know! Ha But for these reasons, you either get too much or barely enough. Often most people get caught up in their ways an lie through their teeth. "What you mean? Its JUST the Internet!!! It was just a joke! It isn't what it seems!" When in actuality it is, an much more. Its hard to disguise a shady Guy/Girl!

But what about people you are just pursuing? Oh it can be hell on earth for some, seeing what they didn't want to see. And because of facebook, knowing every action an account, one may make. It can sometimes mislead you an create unwarranted issues. An before you know it, your not arguing over something you did, but something a social network eluded too. Wtf...Go figure!
So in most cases, further harming then helping most indiviual situations. I've been away for a week, an returned to some grumpy individuals. When my phone died the instant I land. You would think with all the ways to have access to someone that it wouldn't be the end of the world to not have a phone for 24hrs. Umm HELL NO! WRONG! hahaha But it's hella nice too know your missed an loved. :~)

I had people address me on both matters, being Facebook or Twitter. Smh One hated the fact I left my fb chat on so my friends can contact me. Primarily now since, I currently have 221 friends online at any given time. He was annoyed with the fact that random men hit me up all the time because of it. Trying to put their bid in anytime they see me available. Reasoning it wasn't fair, that I could easily get wrapped up in it an not give him a fair shot. Which is more so a misconception based off an insecurity. Someone else was peeved with all my tweets. Acknowledging I have suitors, an unsure bout my indirect focus an actions. I state, I tweet what I feel. Whether it is about you an 1:45 or someone else at 4:30...a tweet is a tweet! Random thoughts, are always a must on mines.

I had people mad that my phone was off, but they had every other access too me. In some instances its never enough. I had people address issues as far as me not answering my ICHAT! I take my lab top most places that I can. But if I'm in the mist of company, best believe I won't disrespect them on the count of you. I'm only one person and unless your my man no one is warranted all my time. I'm blessed to have people in my life who seriously care and I know.

When my phone was finally revived I saw why some people were pissed. Some were on their way to surprise me at the airport. Others wanted to hear my voice when I landed. Some just wanted to know I made it home personally. Whether the case, everyone who needed to know, knew what they needed. Neva take things to personal, cause most often then none I'm direct.


Uptown Folife said...

Good post, I like the Title more than the content. It is very true but I think it could have been more detailed. I think this is a great discussion for our current state of communication and technology. Good one time pick up your phone. LMAO!

Trill said...

this is cute