Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why I'm Back in Love w/ Sunday's

Anyone who's close to me know I have selected shows I ALWAYS watch! Lmao Point, Blank an Period. I will call you back of just shut up for the next hour or thirty minutes! lol An tonight is one of those nights, thanks to HBO's ENTOURAGE & CBS's BIG BROTHER! They're BOTH back baby.....**Smiles**

P.S don't fake the funk to just watch it w/ me! lol Especially for Big Brother!!! Just stick to you regularly scheduled program.

To my surprise on the first episode, I saw Julie's extra large belly bump! Maybe that's the reason for the long delay of the show! But she looks lovely. Too bad Jessie somehow made it BACK on the show! If they're smart they'll evict him the second week! Damn you Jessie! lmao

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Trill said...

didnt kno u were a entourage fan thats one of my FAV shows