Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Think YOU Know Me!.... You have No Idea!

I have a hundred things to write about an don't know where to begin. Topics have become so jumbled in my head, that I'm forced to resort back to basics. An what's more familiar to me other than myself???

Let's start off with the CONS! lls I always say the worst things about me upfront so no one's surprised. I do the utter complete opposite of everything you do. I want you to dislike me an keep me at a distance. My friends won't leave me the hell alone. An my male friends as well as all men alike, somehow fall in love.

I'm blunt an very vocal, about my emotions and thoughts. Some men can only handle a timid weak chick. I don't sugar coat anything, an I'm a bit of an ass. I HATE the word No! I have an extremely extensive memory. It's bad for men, because I remember EVERYTHING..... I'm talking, vivid scenarios down to actual accounts verbatim! When I'm mad, I shut down an completely tune you out. Silence, is my therapeutic forte'.

PROS! I'm a huge kid... I can laugh at myself, anytime. I'm definitely a people person, who's far from insecure. I'll bend over backwards for family an friends! Above all, I'm loyal!!! I'm also ridiculously Passionate an affectionate, with the one I choose! I love babies an the concept of family. Being faithful is not a job its expected! I'm spontaneous, an open to new things... Quite worldly......I want to see it all, with a smile. I'm a tomboy in heels, as my friends would say. I'm far from passive. If there's an issue, I'll address it.

I have no tolerance for ignorance an inconsideration. Knowledge is futile, and I love someone who's always trying to expand.

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