Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rush limbaugh discussing on JayZ


Tiff Marie said...

That's hilarious.
Why does he keep saying Jay-Z like that. Like it's a funny joke. I can't take Rush... he makes my blood boil sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I love the song and the mere fact that Rush felt it necessary to comment meant that it was necessary for "Mr. Z" to speak on it. Black vs. White is dead and I wish all the conservatives who feel the need to down play and disrespect not just our new president but any matters of any race other than white needs to come out of the big house and away from the cotton fields... Its 2009 baby... when are we ALL going to grow up and man up???

The Amoako said...

Capitalism made Rush Limbaugh
Capitalism made Jay-Z.
Jay-Z is a mere entertainer
Rush Limbaugh gets paid commentating his conservative views. I am black, and i am sick and tired of us black pulling race card as every issue. Listen to Rush sometimes,dont listen to him as a black person listening to a white conservative. Listen to him as a human being listening to a talk radio person, and almost everything he says is true. ANd just to let you know Conservatives are not just white people. THere are plenty of BLACK CONSERVATIVES like me. Something that i find funny is a black conservative went to a tea party, got beat up by white union workers. And no one, including black leaders and support the guy. Just because he is a black conservative. Come on now. it tells me that if you are black and dont support obama then you dont count. We all needs to wise up people. When God comes, he is not gonna call all everyone by their race.

The Riddler said...

Rush is sooo slow sometimes, lmbo!

"if you don't get it, you don't get it!"