Friday, August 28, 2009

Bitch Made Men! {New FRIDAY Weekly Series}

I was talking to one of my girls yesterday about the foolishness she going through with her dude. An it's hard to say he isn't a good man or a man ain't right now-a-days. Cause, most of them are just dumb! Now I love men, especially black men but, y'all are full of more shit then a little bit. So now, I've created a new venue for you ladies to share your stories.


Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE a Man MAN! Respect you, hold you down, 100% REAL an thorough bread. But when I see a man an I see the "Bitch IN Him"......Whoa! It's a sad SAD day! Like Jay-Z expressed, men should carry such emotions or actions... "That's a FEMALE trait!"

Every man wants a "Rider" but can he Hold her DOWN?

Men have mastered manipulation to the third degree. Why would you want a broken woman? Who's weak, passive and believes and puts up with everything you say an do. I want an equal! Someone who keeps me on my toes at all times, that undoubtedly has my back. Loyalty is what everyone strives for in a mate, besides beauty and passion. Yet it's soo hard to come by. The loyalty in your actions, and your heart gets tested daily. It all falls down to "How You Gonna ACT?" The things you do will expose you.

In most cases, a man is QUICK to write a women off it he sees some shadiness. If you act like this off of something basic, what won't you do? Or could you handle something major? Will she be there for me? So why do you think your different in regards to women? We see you for what your worth an put out. Just because I don't call you out every time, doesn't mean I don't see where your hearts at. Women bite their tongue soo much, as to soothe a mans pride. Fuck Pride! A man's pride is his downfall! I can respect an go to bat for you when NO ONE else will, but NOT when I see the Bitch in YOU!

If I ask you to do something an you sit and think of a way to get over w/o directly doing what I asked. Based off assumptions and catering to someone else's emotion and perception instead of mine.... it isn't loyal. That's some Bitch-ness! It's actually deceptive, an manipulative when you feed the bullshit down my throat. Fair is fair an wrong is wrong! Men will "LOUD
Talk" you an get aggressive to shut you up an make you doubt yourself. Just becaus
e your loud and short tempered, doesn't mean your right or I'm going to be scared to confront that. I'm a get in your mix! Especially when you can't man up an a
dmit it an correct it.

Go to Oz an get a Heart!.....

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