Thursday, August 6, 2009

You can't change a MAN, Change your Plan!

I was just thinking about this recently, though it occurs CONSTANTLY!

Why do
always want to change a man, or try to win them over?

I always hear women say "I can train him", "He'll learn", "He'll come around"...... NO he WON'T! Haha... Don't hold ya breath! But what I can't understand, is why you want that man if you have to change him an do all that? Or better yet, why are you changing yourself? I see so many women jump through hoops, for what? Some ninja, who doesn't care either way and discards you like a piece of meat? Constantly I see guys, with no purpose, no interests, other than to get what he wants in the time that he can. There's 100's of good looking women. An on top of that, beauty variations.





*The ok whirl pool


Men aren't that fortunate. They're either Fine, Cute or Ugly! Straight up! An they have the nerve to have YOU running around trying to compete an feel insecure. Smh Did I miss something? If he don't want you or is what you need then "Fuck Him"! lls

Fuck Him giiiiiirrrrl Fuck HIM! ~Brian Newton

Why don't you just look for the one you just connect with. I'm sure the asshole isn't the only one that turns you on. That will most likely have you crying an cutting your hair off next week! Or why are you focusing on changing HIM? Oh on the contrary boo, your 100% GOOD! You are perfectly fine the way you are. Your just NOT what I want and or is willing to deal with. Don't change, by all means do you. Why go out ya way to switch up ya style, language, and mannerisms? I can just go find that Man all together, without that process.

True, some people are willing to change for the ones they want. But at what cost? You should never lose yourself or make someone unhappy in becoming what YOU want. Cause in that case, you need to open your eyes an realize you DON'T want them. Nor would you like someone putting you through that, always making you feel inadequate.

Just know, while your probably jumping through hoops, he's probably not even stunting you. So wrap it up! You should never want someone, that you have to convince to believe in you. Lust is temporary, love is unconditional. You would appreciate someone that would go to bat for you anyway! ......But than again, what do I know? I'm just saying! lol

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