Monday, August 17, 2009

If HE say's He didn't Fuck Her But She says He DID!

Is a Man's WORD..... Worthless?

If HE says He didn't Fuck her but she says he DID, who do you believe? Most people say the Woman! It ain't right.... but it's LIFE! Men lie on their Dicks EVERYDAY! Whether he cheated an will deny it to till the grave. Or if he has to "Show Face" to his boys about a girl he can't get! Either way it's common knowledge that guys lie about sex. Women occasionally lie about sex but it's usually regarding numbers. No woman is prone to saying "Yea I fucked/fucking him" if she didn't. Where they do that at???

I've seen a few cases regarding this very matter. I know someone who was dating this guy for over a year, an they separated for a month. Now what happens during a couples split is null an void. But what continues during the reconciliation, determines if He should get CUT! A woman short after emails his girl explaining her relationship with him. Stating how it's now over but, how escalated  an played out. He denied most scenarios she so vividly explained. She even went as far to describe his penis and explicit sexual positions they had. An all he did was swear to GOD an change his number.

A Devil with a Smile will always be Acquitted for a Trial! ~Me

Who do you believe? I'm sure there's a hundred reasons to believe whomever, but she has a hell of a case. Unless this women is a psychopath, which could very well be the case. This isn't an everyday occurrence. A women won't just up an say "Hell Yes I Sucked his Dick" if she didn't. So even if he was telling the truth, there's 3/4 chances that he wasn't. An with that ratio being soo ass poor, women tend to come to their own conclusions. Her truth, his lie and what probably "REALLY" happened. Which would pretty much boil down to, how much she loves him and is willing to deal with. It has nothing to do with what he says. Women forgive but most never forget. Smh!

A lot of my male friends preach their cases. My boi E said "She could just be lying out of hate, so girls can leave ol boy alone." Someone else said "What's her purpose? She's just bitter cause she couldn't get him, an saying that would ruin his situation." ...Ehh they may have a point or it maybe excuses from bullshitters! 

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NightFall914 said...

Things like this really goes to highlight how serious you have to be with the caliber of people you deal with. That whole females calling each other for no reason shit is straight comedy and has nothing but ill intentions behind it. Hell I man shouldn't deny shit either. And let anyone that doubts you go about their business.