Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Backdoor Bytches!

Women who keep there eyes CLOSED your likely to get 

It's funny how shady women can act for some DICK! I'm a say it like that, because that's how it is. You will help someone else do dirt, or something you wouldn't like being done to you in a heart beat. Just to benefit you or your friends. But cry an cause a scene if someone did that shit to YOU! Lmao We'll Karma's a Bitch, an you KNOW this. I guess this is why so many women are soo catty an on guard about everything. A women would smile in your face an get someone to Fuck your man, if she isn't already. Just to be down. Smh We use to call them "Brandy Bitches!"

An the ironic part about it is, it's the quite sweet girls who feed this madness more often then some. It's the "Good Girl" with the insecure friend that would leach onto and screw anything, to fall in "Love" next week. The good girl that say hi an speak so nice just to keep asking you questions about your ex. Who, how and why y'all don't talk, instead of genuinely getting to know you. Of course her boyfriend maybe the reason you even intermingle to begin with. An as soon as your on a "Break" she has her girl making her move, before ya mans penis is even dry. Hoping that "Breaks" can last forever, yet becoming pissed knowing they never do.

The sad thing is that most women tell on themselves so often. When your use to some one's smiles and hug hellos, an now they keep their distance...BINGO! What you feel guilty for? When she can't look you in your eyes.... what's really good? They're so happy that they have their man, that it don't matter what other female you help a man shit on. But my question is, how do YOU figure your man isn't doing the SAME thing. Hope you don't get mad about that! Kind of a hypocritical way to react, do you think?

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