Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Blue Box!

There's one thing every girl knows that no one teaches!

An that's..... What is the Little Blue Box!

Just like "Every kiss begins with K", It's NOT Tiffany's & Co. if it's not BLUE! An old ex of mines supposedly, bought me a necklace in a little blue box on my birthday. It would of been a lovely thought, if it wasn't fake! Left a ring around my neck. LMAO But I commend the effort, because I was none the wiser. Except for the fact I can't wear comstume jewlery. It was the perfect replica. FTW Sure enough that it is, I'm surprised now! I received another blue box today, from an admirer. Just sure aside the gift recite, I'm confident that this one is a Lovely Gesture!

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