Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh you HATE him now, but you Still let him fck!

Now Ladies...........Really!?!?
I'm still laughing at the hilarity of some things people do. Comical even!
{In my MSU tone "Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy Would You EVEN"}

Why Bash A Man AFTER You Fuck Him?

If you bash his sexual performance after the fact then, that I understand. You can be blindsided! Sub parr performance, can piss the best of us off. But to defame a mans character as a whole, makes no sense. If he was so LAME why did you let him fuck?!?! Cause wit me, if your that wack, you won't even lick the plate. I'm just saying....

An it's soo freaking funny, because it comes from the ones that were so OPEN at that. The main one blowing up the phone with texts and calls. Becoming bitter an crazed is Not a good look. We're to young for that, or at least I like to think that I am. If things don't go your way, then chalk it up to a loss. But parading around bashing someone, is only OUTING yaself! ::NEWSFLASH:: Your embarrassing yourself! Get it together...sheesh! lmao We didn't know he played you till YOU said it.

3 things to look for~
1) If he's married but he says he's separated! Keep It Moving Chick!
2) Most likely if he just had a baby! Keep It Moving Chick!
3) If he just got out of a Relationship situation! Keep It Moving Chick!

Calling someone out WON'T make you look better. It won't take back the fact that you fucked them. It won't make them care, if they didn't even really to begin with. Next time, know who your dealing with, before you fuck around an get your feelings hurt!


Anonymous said...

fYo I know A lot of silly Jawns Like That Good Topic :)

TheWriterInChi said...

I definitely feel this one. Ladies the signs are usually there from the get go. Listen to how we speaks to you and the actual words he uses. I mean it's not like men are closed books! Treat your lady like gold and don't be givin her to just anybody ladies because you will get played hard. literally

chlincoln1911 said...

I can relate to this... I have been called gay, a bitch, etc. Even accused of having a little dick (that diss is so old but most of you females use it when your salty and it always seems to work. Like talkin bout somebodies mother) It is amusing to me how people can go from allegedly liking someone to bashing them in a matter of one bad event... And when females do that I agree it does make them look bad...

Mo Betta said...

Girl I knew I liked your mind. It just goes to show people dont think tho they react out of anger and sound dumb. Like you said dissin the s3xual performance is understandle but when its the "he aint bout nothing no job having, non-child support paying" etc etc u look dumb cause you knew that before hand. smh at blonde's i mean silly chicks.