Saturday, May 23, 2009

FACEBOOK!.... The New Maury?

YES...... You ARE the Coward!
[In My Maury Voice]

Odds are, if she asks you "How you know her" that means she KNOWS her! An niggas are soo dumb BECAUSE.....wait for it....they don't freaking think and are fucking STUPID! They're so press and eager sometimes, that they incriminate themselves. Stop thinking with your dick! This area is but so big, seriously. People kill me with that. Just because I haven't seen them last week or last month, doesn't mean I don't know them. An know them, extremely well at that. Just because you know me, doesn't mean you know every connection I've made.

Oh an best believe, women are smart! Men, men, men....these women out here, gets it IN! They call, email, text, facebook inbox dat ass, ASAP. No one has time for that elementary shady shit, no more. So women are forced to be direct and confrontational. Then men have the nerve to be mad at the girl, to boot. LMFAO Like let me get this straight...

Your mad at ME for being BLOWN at YOU BLOWING ME!

My apologies. I should commend you for being thee' Worst! Oh an Bytches are wicked, too now. This is no one way street. These hoes got "Luggage" like my boy Kenny says. But inner demons aren't as bad, as those you seek. Some people look for drama, its in their blood. You don't have to keep fck'n around. You would think that after the first bad incident, some people would learn. Mature from the actions they've made, to further initiate the better them. Mawahahaha NOPE! Same story, new jawn!

I've seen it All aired out on the viral Maury...I mean FACEBOOK! Status's from you ain't shit, to you can get the business. Notes, exposing their partners affairs. From photos, dates/times, and actual names, leading to deleted accounts. Pregnant women discrediting men, for being awful deadbeat fathers. Pissed off partners contacting the other cheaters girl/man to reveal the deceit. Honesty box snitches! A dude told me it wasn't hating, if he ain't get credit for it. He ain't want her, but he felt she deserved to know, cause she could do better. Whatever it is, whether it be blatant flirting, just watch yourself.

Most likely leaving someone to sing Teedra Moses click: HERE

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