Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mrs. Plane Jane

This is a topic that girls have pondered for ages, that guys try to answer but fail. There are some men who are clueless to the logic of this as well.

Plain Janes need Love too!

Why is it that some men can't handle a challenge? They want a women they can control. A woman who you don't even notice, once you've been a room for an hour. The girl that that has to grow on you. It MUST be her personality. She's not pretty or cute, just extra regular. Basic! Generic! Safe! Who doesn't do to much, when barely doing a little. The girl who is always in the house while her boyfriend never is. I ask WHY?

Why are you dating the girl YOU DON'T WANT?!?! Let us be Intelligent adults, an not base this on assumptions. Let's not assume, it's because she won't cheat! Let's not assume, it's because she's a "Good Girl" Let us not assume, it is because she will cater to your every need. Let us not assume I give two shits on the excuse. Excuses DON'T EXCUSE! I don't know about you, but me as a woman can't date a Lame-ass Guy! Nor the women I know! You need to hold your own around my family and friends. My girls are very opinionated an outgoing. I can't be baby-sitting no lame ass duck. But aside that, I'm simple! I just want someone that can keep me smiling when there is absolutely NOTHING to do. Being with Him is enough!

So what would make you believe being with a dry ass girl will make you happy? I know when your young and dumb it's cool to think like that, because you really don't know shit. You haven't lived nor do you know better. That's like the young girls back in the day who liked a guy because he was light skinned and bow-legged! WTF We know we thought like girls when we were little girls. But as a Woman, you can't come at me with that mess.

I know know 3 men who are married, that's on the verge of divorce. They all married Mrs. Plane Jane... You don't notice her but she has a ring, which her counterpart barely acknowledges himself. They wear their rings depending on the setting. They hate going home, because they don't have a true foundation and friendship behind their relationship. Their wife's just stay home and pop out babies because they have No friends and social network. Like when they married! They don't want them to go out now because, they've wrapped their life around their man. Just like he thought he wanted. LMFAO Be careful what you ask for!

I do what my brother tells me!
"Don't get in a relationship just to be in one"


Trill said...

most of the time its the woman who turns off their social life. I would want my woman to go. get the fuck out my face sometimes. I will love you when you get back. Plane Janes are cool but a relationship is with two people. Dont allow her to become a Plane Jane. And on the other hand i know women who get married just cause the nigga asked.

DynamicDiva said...

I haven't quite figured out the Plain Jane phenomena either. Last year when I went to my class reunion, most of the homely (to put it nicely) girls from HS had all gotten married. These girls were very regular (never cared about what they had on or wore make-up) nor did they have the greatest personalities to compensate for their lack of beauty but somehow they lucked out and found a man. It always amazes me when I see a nice-looking man and he has some treasure troll on his arm. I know there has to be something more than just him wanting to control this type of woman, I just haven't figure it out yet.