Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh What a Night!

Its been awhile since we had "Family Talk" with my brother Lou on here. But last night we went IN on it. Luckily, I was fortunate to have to of my besties with me, Sherri an Louie. Me an my girl decided to hit up Friday's for some drinks, cuz were definitely due for some. I told Lou to bring his stank butt before he hit the club. We usually prefer his ass to be on time, so he can be our "Penis Shield" We don't have to deal wit dudes trying to get our numbers, when he's there. But since his ass was LATE, these dudes was ON it! lmao

It was soo Hilarious the things we saw. This big ass SWOLE dude with shades ON in Friday's at NIGHT, with a wife beater on!!! It was Gross! I swear we don't know what you men be thinking sometimes. Then after we swatted the dudes away, Lou was on the scene. Sherrian busted his chops about being late, an being forced to entertain dudes since our blocker wasn't there. Then we got to business with our asshole-ness.
{Jokes w/ Drinks}
Of top.......
Sherri's: "So umm, when you going hurry up an get married to we can party at the wedding?"
This boy Lou aint even had his voldka yet. lls
Lou: "Girl what you talking bout? Ya'll getting married before me!"
{She was previously engaged}
Sherri: "Doubt it, your closer than I am fool....Im single
Lou: Nigga since when? about two weeks lmao....Mannn whateva you STAY in a relationship!
So yea when YOU get married We going Paaarrrrtay! lol
Sherri: Boy your closer than I am....
Lou: Just because you love someone doesn't mean you should get married right away.
Me & Sherri: WTF (Then it begins) That's the dumbest shyt I heard LMFAO
Me: If you don't love someone an shit gets ruff your gonna divorce them
Sherri: Really though?!?! who marry's someone they don't really love? that's like settling
Lou: Love is a learned/trained emotion, you can learn to love someone through time an effort.
Me & Sherri: Uggh! who the hell wants to LEARN to love someone? Some people just CLICK!
Lou: I've seen a lot of ppl marry for Love an then divorce when other things don't fill in
Sherri: Ok but there's a waaaay higher risk of people who just marry people someone because there good on paper...cuz once they fck up, you can just find someone else that can supply what they bring.
Lou: Tru, but I say me personally won't be getting married tomorrow. An its honestly not about being selfish. If I'm gonna do it, I'm a do it RIGHT! Fav! you know me an I have no time to give 100% What's my week schedule???
Me: umm ya work 4 days straight all night to the morn an sleep all day than off for ya two boys nights, an Sun your at church with your fam.
Lou: Exactly an I work 12hr shifts so what girl is putting up with that as a WIFE??? I can't fully give her all that time, so how can I talk marriage. Now without the ring a ring complicates things right now. An I am going out...I need so see my boys an just breathe sometimes.
Me: you just got that work schedule though, who's to say what schedule you'll have next yr...its not permanent.
Cherri: You act like, you can't have a life after marriage. Nucca, you can STILL go out! My dad is out every weekend partying. An I know my man has to have his own life.
Lou: Pssshh outta here!!! YOU...YOU say that but a lot of women don't be like dat, an now I just want to focus on my career. My mom says I'm just like my dad in that aspect. If she loves me she'll want the house before the ring anyway. But when I get married all I can say is "OPEN BAR!" baby you can plan the ceremony just leave the reception to ME! Ha!
Me: It don't matter.... I know you an who has ya heart soo....I guess-ti-mate me an Coco helping you ring shop in about 2 1/2 yrs! *Wink*
All of us laugh......I swear we joke like this every 8 months

We talked about a hell of a lot more that I can't write about....but that was a piece of my night!


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p.s. yall lucky i wont in on this convo hahahha

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