Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can you have SEX with a Friend?

Can you have SEX with a Friend, and Maintain your....

My "Buddy" is a day old question, that goes back years.... Can a Man and Women be platonic friends, with out being somewhat in the family??? My BFF's step dad always said.....

"A male friend is just someone you haven't had sex with yet"

Needless to say, Jamaicans don't pussy foot around the subject. But was he right?!? How many friends of the opposite sex, do you posses; that you have no desire for? Not now, not then, not EVER!

Some say there's a plus side to dating a "Friend". Others say it's the Worst possible move, cause you can lose your lover and confidant. Some people date and never have that hardcore connection that their "Friend" posses. So why not combine the two, an have the best of both worlds. Yet like most things be careful what you ask for. You can lose the "Friendship" altogether and be mortified with what your left with. Yeaaa I love the "Homey" you, but will I *Like* the "Boo" you? These are all things you have to take into consideration.

Some people can be great friends and horrible lovers. Everything's always kosher, till someones emotions are on the line. When all the dumb shit you use to laugh at starts annoying you than...Houston We Have A PROBLEM! Often, transitions can go off without a hitch. Yet usually, that's NOT the case. Some people forget how chill and humble they were, BEFORE the kisses. They forget how to talk to one another once the emotions mount. Some over think, some over analyze, and end up ruining the foundation they respectably built to begin with.

I've personally lost two male best friends to this epidemic. The first one was too territorial, and refused to fully accept us as Friends. The second one, was the one I decided to progress with after a break-up. But upon further thought, I realized it wasn't the best move for both of us. I loved him dearly and didn't want to lose him, off the petty trials of dating. Needless to say, he was hurt an our friendship was never the same. Quickly diminished there after. Maybe we should of had sex....Smh! lol

My male Friends give me no trouble now, and genuinely act like my brothers. That's why I hate and love them more than they'll eva know.....


Anonymous said...

Well it won't be perfect but its possible.

You can have sex with a friend but you won't be able to be close friends.

You can start off in a relationship and decide to just be friends and still hang with each other now and again... but it still is sometimes awkward.

So it's possible... but a Jerry and Elaine type of relationship is rarer than a Dodo bird.

Mr. $olo said...

It only makes sense that you have sex with a friend...You wouldn't want to have sex with a stranger. Problem is, sex has a tendency to complicate things and friendships change after sex. But, if there is some sort of verbal agreement and the parties actually stick to it...Why not? Keep it physical, keep ya heart out of it I guess.

LaTanya B. said...

To me it all depends on how long you've been friend and how close you are. I wouldn't date my best male friend.

We've been friends for 13 years and have never been more than platonic. I know the things you don't want your girl to know, things guys don't talk to their girlfriends about...everything!! And to say the least he is a great friend but not the best boyfriend.

So anything more than a friendship even a kiss would never happen cause then he couldn't be my go to guy or me his go to girl for thoughts on the opposite sex.