Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abducted........When you scream an noone hears!

Its sad how no one takes nothing to heart until something bad happens to someone they love. They makes jokes about it or change the channel during the news. In any movie I can never watch a rape scene or anything too violent that seems too real. That type of stuff just NEVER seemed cool or interesting to me. Probably because shit really happens to women out here everyday...an it's NOT cool.

Some women are still being sold by their fathers as little girls to young men. Some women are molested by the men in their family an threatened to hide that lie forever. We have to monitor our drinks at the club, in fear of the date rape drug. All the while you can be raped at anytime, because men are just out right stronger. Sucks to be a woman huh?! A woman stumbled into a fire station recently, beaten an bruised. They tried to help her but they didn't know what was wrong because she couldn't open her mouth. She was raped, beaten and to insure she couldn't talk, he stapled her MOUTH Shut! Like she was a damn piece of paper. Trash to be discarded, after he used her.

Now lets go to my night....last night after work. I get off work but my boss had me doing extra, on this Monday night. I was supposed to be done at 10:10am but did leave work till 10:40pm. On my way to the train station, this dude wit his head down approaches me. There's hardly anyone around cuz it's night time an its raining. He tries to talk to me, an I politely smile an put on my headphones. So he would think...well she can't carry on a conversation cuz she's listening to music. Instead he gets annoyed an stand up, so I back up. He said "Now why would you want to do that?" I just smiled an politely said I was tired from work. At this point I'm alone, an I'm about to panic. He asks me my age an I say 19. I said 19 hoping he'll leave a young girl alone, cuz my 24 yr old ass would of got No sympathy. He says "Your beautiful an I need that in my life." I say "You'll get it eventually." He says "Whats wrong? why can I get it from you?" That's when I whip out my phone an I'm frantically calling people. NO ONE answers! Calling twice back to back...NO ONE!

But I continue to talk an say my where abouts like someone can hear me to him. I then get on my stop, an he follows. Lucky for me I live in H
yattsville! So when I got off, there was 3 cop cars pulling a man over. So he didn't move as I left. But what if they weren't there?

Oh, an Happy Fucking Cinco De Mayo!


Anonymous said...

Mannn that is sooo f'in SCARY!! I live by myself in the STIX and I'm paranoid ALL the time, like if something were to happen my closest loved one is an hour and a half away, but that's why it is CRUCIAL to cover yourself in the blood of Jesus day in and day out, b/c NOBODY can protect us but him! BE safe mama!!

Maurice said...

Damn Thats Scary...Call me Nxt Time I Will Answer No Doubt!