Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do you still love your (Hillary) Clinton?

You can call it a switch out, because Hillary maybe taking your spot Conny. Barack is thinking of offering Hillary Clinton the position as Secretary of State. Will she accept? or is she bitter?? Need we not forget her campaign group were the ones who leaked the Obama "Muslim" photos. To gain a lead as the democratic nominee, early this year.

Smear tactics at its best!

I guess that's when she officially lost my vote. But hey! People will do ANYTHING to win. Plus the mere fact we all saw through that, an he won ANYWAY. But we'll see what happens. Obama's a bigger man in my eyes, because I doubt she would of extended such an invitation if on the other foot.

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karleone said...

I think Hillary will accept, because it will make her look real bad in the public eye as a sore loser. On the other hand she might not accept it because she stills paln to run in 2012.