Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shaken Not Stirred!

Daniel Craig

OK! So I know I'm a little late seeing this movie, and posting this (in the evening) but, I have a very good excuse. For I was in a "Wii" battle Friday night. lol To say the least, I'm not one to challenge. Anyways, I'm not the biggest "007 Bond" fan. They tend to come out every or so few years, an ehh... I just let the men go. Excess guns, action upon gorgeous women and expected sex. Blah blah blah...

If I were to choose my favorite Bond, (of course hands down) it would be Sean Connery! until now. He was my ideal Bond, sexy, serious, and somewhat complicated. Over the years, they've just about seemed to put any attractive Brit in the role. Quite frankly, I don't want to see a soft looking pretty boy in a suite, who can fight crime like "Batman" and gets ass like Hef. C'mon now, Reeeaaalllyy Hymm! It just didn't seem believable, so why waste my time until I saw "Casino Royale" feat. Daniel Craig. I was hooked! I was like OMG he's perfect...dream role of his career. He looks like he can beat any of my ex's ass an I love it. lol Nothing seems over exaggerated, overly complicated, oh an did I mention he can ACT his butt off. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, nor could I wait to see more.

For those who haven't see "Quantum of Solace" I won't spoil it....
Go Now!

You'll love it!

On another Note: Here's the newest

"Robin Thicke"
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