Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heartless or Heartfilled!

I love Kanye! He's seems soo humbled, since his loses.

What are you thankful for?

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Raymond said...

in reflection of 808s & Heartbreak i think that the reason why his cd was perceived as 'dark & sinister' is because that's the mindset he was in as he composed it. producing most of the tracks and writing all its lyrics kinda makes this point obvious. as for his house, i totally agree, i don't listen to rap in my house at all - hardly ever (now my car is a different story). it's funny seeing how he's changed from crying when he doesn't win an award to now giving them away...i guess that shows growth on his part...

all in all, i say kanye is a cool dude, a real dude (maybe a lil immature) but definitely the kind of pop figure that America should keep publicized. he's in the process of creating a new music genre, his own that he wants to call "pop-art!" it's mentioned in that interview a few times.

being 28 yrs old and a public figure lets see how long it takes for him to love again. and the clock!