Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things that Steal My Heart!

Hello Everyone! Usually I generalize, when I discuss things. Today's different, because I can't speak for the next woman on this. It's all an insight on me, my heart an, how you can steal it and how to make me smile. There are a lot of men who are so obsessed, with obtaining the physical aspect. That they get the door slammed in their face, before they get a foot in it. Or they'll try to get in my head, but never take the time to see how things operate. I can tell when someone, fakes like he knows me, but really doesn't have a clue. Yea he got the basics, that someone who's known me for a few months know. But they really don't know me!

Things I LOVE!
  1. Spontaneous People! It's but soo many times you want to do the same ol' shyt!
  2. Out going People! If I have an idea, your at least down to try it and not bash it!
  3. Sweetness! It shows multitudes of a Mans character, when he can step out his box to please a women for the hell of it!
  4. Someone who remembers all the small things to do!!!
  5. Sense of Humor! I love to laugh :)

Things I HATE!
  • Disrespectful Men! Don't Bark at ME! Curse! ect..
  • Inconsiderate People ...Think about how others feel!
  • Late people ...if you give me a time, then Stick to It!
  • People who can't keep a promise! All a man has, is his WORD!
  • Materialistic People!
  • Frugal People ...I would give anything for people in my life! Money's not an Issue! When you can drop $100's on yourself, an count cents for everyone else your Selfish!
I Love, love, love All kinds of MUSIC! If your narrow minded Its a complete turn off! I love someone who takes the time to know what gets to my heart. So hears a cheat sheet! I LOVE holidays, the warmth and preparation. Everything about em'! I'm like a big kid. Early phone calls in the morning and sharing your love with the ones in your life, on these specials days mean soo much to me. I started Christmas shopping in October, it's not a game. I LOVE presents! an the thought behind giving someone something I knew they wanted. I LOVE Surprises!!! I love a man that knows me enough to just know how to TREAT ME! Why argue over dumb shyt, you know I don't like? If your gonna be late then, JUST CALL ME! If you see I called you an you can't talk, Just texted me an LET ME KNOW what's going on! Takes two seconds! I love all the small things, we don't have to go out. If I adore You I just want to be around you. I Love flowers and CHOCOLATE! Not an expensive fancy mixed box of em', a simple bag of Hershey kisses is Perfect! I LOVE Hugs and Kisses and Massages! I Love a man who can make a woman feel like a WOMAN!

Recently two different people, wrote me two different poems which was SOO sweet! Here they are!

Poem 1

You are a precious commodity taken advantage of/ even when your beauty rivals a dove/ As a man, trying to claim his throne, your patience is the virtue that is shown/ the closest thing to perfection I have seen thus far/ I see the potential in you queen, you are a star/ Man made from the dust of the earth, woman comes from his rib, so as an equal, we need women like you to live.../ I say all this to say to you... your a queen, and continue to do the things you do...

Poem 2 (Picture Perfect)

... She’s like a glare in the sun;
Designer eye wear and her hairstyle’s fun.
Camera phones flash from behind...their luck;
But I can just imagine what’s there from the front...

YUP!....Dammit the girl’s baad.
Picture perfect and she got her a calendar girl swaag.
Probably oiled up, body void of all ash;
She looks like she took a long caramel bath.

And like she got a pair of speakers for an ass;
You can tell she don’t own a pair of sneakers by her calves.
Come correct; better speak to her with class- she got sass;
You can tell by the way she holds her bag.

Work on your act, dude; show her you a man;
Or the tone she will give to you’s “I’m grown”, to belittle you.
Picture perfect from her face to her curves,
And something bout this picture’s worth a plethora of words.

She got it figured, got niggaz in the bag;
Got niggaz by her swag, got niggaz bout to snaaap;
ASAP; like a camera’s in hand;
Niggaz flash what they got, like she give a got-daaamn.

Some put that, “Are you an artist at all?” in her head;
Like “You already star in my head” (LAME)
Wrap her head up like she going to her bed…
Then wonder why all this is going to her head; she on

Cloud nine; Mary Jane, high
No make up. Mary J. Blige- just fine...
Niggaz shadowing her with their mouth wide
But she's more interested in her silhouettes outline.

When geek niggaz rap to her, it’s about time;
Till a street nigga swag on her; it’s about time.
Cell phones flip, call when you got time,
And her whole tone switch like she talking to her mom...

Picture Perfect

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