Thursday, November 13, 2008

My new favorie things (Move ova Oprah) lol

So yesterday, me and a good friend decided to go get some lunch in laurel, Maryland. Not as surprised as he was, because just a day earlier I told him we'd see gas at those prices soon enough. But he was in Shock!!! Causing me to lean an take this picture, as we passed.

Gas Prices as of 11/12/2008

Wyatt Cenac

Born in Dallas, Wyatt has been doing stand up and improv for quite some time at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles since
2005. One of the best new additions to Comedy Central's "Daily Show", this man is sure to blow up FAST!

Maybe it's just me, but it warms my heart when others see "Sly News...I mean Fox News" for what they are.

FOX LOSE! Not News!

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B said...

Wyatt is so hilarious...can't help but love the black corespondent! LOL

And I'm so cised with gas going down in price...about bloody time...