Monday, November 17, 2008

Whose the FIERCEST of them all???

SNL 11/15/08

I know that's Right! Beyonce' and her dancing Diva's shut SNL down Saturday night. As her album is due to release this Tuesday. But my only thought was, where was the other light skinned chick from the video? The original trio was on point. Even though the filler was doing her thing, I couldn't help but notice the alterations. I hope Mrs. Sasha Fierce didn't take her out for clearly noticing the new beauty in the video along side her.

Aside that, Mr. Timberlake decided to try out for her video lol. Here's what happened. Enjoy! lol


CocktailOur said...

I love me some Beyonce'. And the white girl ate it...

She had to add a white girl for the mass appeal!

TBlocka1 said...

Honestly when I see the video I have no clue what the other girls look like or what they're doing. They can be doing the humpty dance I wouldnt know. This is because Beyonce has ALL of my attn. so yeah, she's def. the fiercest!


Smaudge said...

Man i think that SNL is hotter than the video. The white girl is getting it, lol. But i agree with tblocka1, but for different reasons. I dont know what none of them look like in any performance. But im glad B didnt lose none of that weave, lol.