Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Favorite Boys & Girls

Ok! Now I don't about you, but I LOVE Entourage!!! Now, who saw the season finale last Sunday? An for those who did, didn't you wish it was an hour long? An it was about time Vince showed some damn emotion, wasn't it?!? I loved the whole N.Y dynamic, of the mothers. Turtles Mom, reminded me of Georges Mom off of Seinfeld. But I couldn't believe it when Vince fired E!
I was like WTF, awww (Tear) cuz E took it soo hard. But my only problem was I felt like they just rushed that scene to finish the episode. Like if E was really ignoring him for a few weeks, maybe months. Would a pop up, and quick conversation really make it better just like that. But Ok! I'm just pissed I that I have to wait till next august for new episodes. That's Bull!!!! That has to be the only reason I watch HBO.

Now wait! I Adore the Hills! Since like Laguna Beach, where I hated Lauren cuz I loved Kristin. lol But she won me over on the Hills. If you saw yesterday's episode, you would of loved it. Especially since it was being played out in pieces, through the media, about two months ago. So the hoop-la was all based on the fact Audrina thought Lauren slept with Justin Bobby. Excluding the obvious fact that Lauren hates him, and always have. lmao It was retarded!! When I saw her on Ellen, a ways back, explaining the situation. It sounded soo stupid and unbelievable! I just thought, this bitch is CRAZY! an will use Lauren to make it into the media. Period! Yesterday on the episode, she asked Lauren like 5 times if she did it. Of which she replied No, like at some point it was gonna magically change. Even Justin gained some points but putting her in her place. She's a mess! Can't wait to see how they resolved it.

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B said...

I love Entourage!!!

One of my favorite shows on tv...and this season we got to see the cast grown...especially Vince and Turtle (who's my favorite). I was just shocked to see him show anytype of emotion...that's the first time in any season that I can remember...

I think all of their season finale's should be an hour...