Friday, November 21, 2008

Rated "R" !!! Thoughts from a tipsy Diva! lol

I said rated "R" cuz I honestly don't know what the hell Imma say.
I just left the Sidelines bar in Largo, MD, an it was "OVERRATED"!!! The music was the best part. But it was mostly men in there 30's, tryna' profile. I got a few drinks to compensate, so here I am. I planned on gettin' a buzz before I left because, today frankly Sucked! Shyt was just wack! People annoyed me, I felt like a Bitch, an the chick in me got emotional,,,,ugggghhhh it just blew me! So Mr. Hennesey asked me out an I let him cop a feel or two lmao. I signed on facebook to check my notes an whateva, an some nigga wrote this in my honesty box. He said

"I WaNT TO eaT YoU LIKe YoU've NevEr BeeN EaTeN B4"

No bullshit! I just copied an pasted it, the way you see it! An that's typical, believe it or not. You should see the raunchy shyt! Niggas are sooo BOLD and blunt nowadays, but I guess it doesn't matter if you hide who you are. In the last two months people been blowin up my box like CRAZY!!! So let me address some things.
1) No I won't date you....I don't even know who the hell you are.
2) No you can't eat or taste me....Your Outta control! lol
3) Thank You! those who say I'm beautiful.
4) Yes, I'm single....but I'm picky!

But I am a little restless at 11:26 pm. I would of continued to bar hop, but its cold as shyt outside! I took my ass in the house lol. But I do feel like doin the G5 across someone's upper lip. :) hahaha. Now, dat's a night cap! Isn't it!!!! I just wrote a poem too. I hope its as good as it seems now, when I'm sober!

He said he likes my thoughts
He said he likes my word play
I crept into his heart
He saw me when I walked away
He couldn't bear to part
So I kissed his lips, an till this day
I seduced an stole his heart
An in my heart is where he'll stay

So I fell in love
with this boy who's head
was fat like "Whoa"

Had a hair line like
Eddie Monster
and a voice like Sheryl Crow

He was the Worst
A demon child
A bit kind, but such a hoe

I was bamboozled
hoodwinked, lead a stray
But in his heart, I knew I grow

Lmao! My nights Over..


Tiff Marie said...

Fav, you are a NUT JOB! You need to go to bed! Lmao

Faviola said...

I Did lmao Tiff lol so hush up!

Prince Esiri's World said...

hey ganster what up? I love ur work keep it are good.but am

Raymond said...

i dug the poems.


outside of having to google "G5" (dumb blonde dude moment) i enjoyed the post.

i guess a G5 would be a nice nightcap! LOL!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! That shit was halarious!
"G5 across someone's upper lip"??? who comes up with shit like that? lol...I'd watch lol
and you were random as shit, u did sound twisted ha!


Ro's World said...

Girl I could have easily told you that Sideline was some "ish" and totally over hyped and rated! Uh!