Thursday, December 4, 2008

Curse or Not to Curse? That is the Question!!!

Ok! So its Thursday, an I'm Happy! I don't even know why, but I won't question it. Lol Last night ironically, feel asleep extremely angry, because of an argument. That would usually follow up with me staying up all night. Due to lack of sleep. But oddly enough, I slept GREAT! lmao

An that's like the first for me, so excuse me if I seem excited. But I was really disappointed, in someone I held close. I don't even curse at people I care for. Seriously! Now, I can swear wit the best of em' (at times) but, that's one thing I can't do. I bite my tongue ALOT! But I did it, dammit people...I cracked. An I still held back!!! That's the sad part, cuz if they were a stranger I would of caught a serious case of "Angry Haitian." But "Who cares? Not me!"- Tikkia lol. I'm not even upset. I guess sometimes you just NEED to Curse! You know how some people need to scream, I guess I needed to say F@%K & S#*@! lol

People tend to say, that if you curse alot, you lack a vocabulary. Negative! Sometimes that word, no matter how abrasive, expresses that exact emotion your trying to convey. An quite frankly, I'm tired of dumbing down my emotions to appease others. An I feel relieved for once, not having any pinned up aggression. Its unhealthy, an will make you crazy. I'm pretty sure noone would bust cars, if they could just communicate. If they felt heard. You don't have to be a passive doormat (heaven forbid that's the case) to be with or around ANYONE!


Colrtane' tha Chef... said...

Oooooh Yeahhhhh......Fuck that!!! Curse when you need to get your pt across w/out hesitation. Lui hands down. Too many good fake gucci out there...who ever knows but I do... hay pretty lady.


Nae Nae said...

"if you curse alot, you lack a vocabulary"

my vocabulary is quite advanced for my age. lol so, i agree with the person above me. fuck that! cursing adds emphasis, and when used in a joke, makes the joke a tad bit funnier.

nice blog!