Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lil Wayne on doin Drugs

Let me, do Me!

I agree with stars, when they say they're normal people. Cuz they are! But society holds them to a higher stand. That's why they get an Higher Income and a Higher Grain of enjoyment in life. Therefore taking the bad and good. They don't want to live and work like everybody else, that's why they're not treated like everybody else. People look up to them and want to be them, and will copy anything they do. An normally they love it. So when they start acting a damn fool with their life, that's being held under a camera. They shouldn't be mad, when ppl tell them to get it together. That's life! If they weren't famous, someone would of been told them about themselves.

Soo...Lil Wayne, I don't care how much you sold. Take your ass to rehab! Are you seriously annoyed with the fact that people are concerned about you? Since your close friend died last year, consuming the same drugs and drinks as yourself! Didn't you just have another baby? Don't you want to raise him/her??? Just cuz you go to a school here an there, doesn't mean you won't die tomorrow. Your dumbass should appreciate the fact that people care about you, instead of just smiling in ya face for $money$

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