Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Your NOT a Diva! Your Just a Mess!!!

  • Best Be-Weave IT!
Now, now, listen hear! Just because you have every Beyonce' CD (and know all her moves) that doesn't make you a Diva! Eeeeeh....Not even close! Just because she's wears a weave to her ass, doesn't mean you should too. Or even get them at all! Cuz YOUR NOT BEYONCE'! An don't have Ooh Sasha's $$$$ Her weave looks nice, and yours just obvious.

  • Caked UP with Make-UP!
Its crazy when you see someone and they think they're soo hot!....NOT! Its like WTF! did shyt hit the fan??? Is this a clown party? Is she trying to hide her pimple? Like, what's really the reason. Guys can't stand it much either. It's not only deceiving, it gets on your clothes, and lets hope you don't cry. I know, I know, I know, you can't live without your MAC! And for that I say, MAC is like Alcohol, It's fine in moderation.

  • Anything you can Wear I can Wear BETTER!
Yes everyone can be sexy in their own way. But No! everyone can't wear the same things! What's sexy on me, may not be sexy on YOU! Sex an the city was a Great show. By all means, lets leave it to the characters. It seemed like after the movie came out, soo did the MADNESS! C'mon now, I love you all but you KNOW BETTER! I'm not saying be a "Miranda", but sweetie your Noo "Samantha!"

  • Bitch! Puuhh lease!
There's a BIG difference from being Sassy, and just a plain ol' Bitch! Your sass radiates off of you, because its just your swagg. Being mean, ignorant and rude, doesn't classify you as anybodies Diva! It just makes you look real crass and trashy. Talking down to people isn't ever acceptable or needed. An if you need that to make yourself better, your just real WEAK! Ego trippin ain't hot, an if you ain't Halle Berry (sweetie) you ain't shyt! You breathe the same air as everyone else! You maybe fly in your right, but...Reeellllaaaaxxxx!!!! Come back to life!

*Side bar from Fav:

It's just crazy how when B's albums come out, everyone goes nutts! All men, are somehow walking on egg shells because, his girl feels soo fierce. And are two seconds from replacing them. lmao

Beyonce's a Diva because, she doesn't want to be anyone but herself!!! All t
hose who go out and dress, look, and try to act like her alter ego, will never be a DIVA! Your trying your best to follow her every move, while she's being herself. Which includes, not caring to be, or thinking about YOU! A diva is an individual!!! Who loves herself, and doesn't need approval from anybody. Loves her own hair, her own face, own looks, her own LIFE!


Anonymous said...

Now, I'm going to try and approach this as delicately as possible(since I do read your blog evry so often, and don't want to offend you).
1)Weaves are just another way,we as people express ourselves.Some people get tattoos, some wear flashy clothing, others have crazy nails etc. I don't see a weave as anything more than a form of expression, and a tool to enhance what you already have.(If it looks a hot mess...yall are on your own with that)
2)Another thing close to my heart is makeup.my siter is a makeup artist, and I have always felt that makeup is just another way that people express themself. NO I don't need makeup to cover anything, its just something that I feel enhances what I already have.
3)Lastly do you have something against Beyonce fans...you seem to be a bit up in arms?

Faviola said...

Good Question? But you don't know me so its alright. Cuz anyone who does knows I LOVE "B"! lol
#1 the weaves...I neva said I hated them!!! I said I hate ppl who get them done CHEAP!!! If you can't do it right then DONT DO IT! Stop being lazy an do your own hair! An there's some chicks which NEVER show there own hair Ever! They take it out, just to put another in. An then, fake like its real. That's just wack an I'll never like dat shyt. Even "B" lets her hair breathe.
#2 I LOVE MAC...So pay attention! A couple of my friends work there (dats probably why I love it) but none the less I love MAC. Just don't cake that mess on! ITS UGLY IF YOU DO! PERIOD!!! Make up is only suppose to highlight your beauty. Not give you what you don't have. An some ppl think the more they put on the better you'll look. An that's soo not the case. You'll look like a clown. So don't cake that mess on! Take your time an do it right...In moderation.
#3 I love "B" fans cuz I'm a fan...I just don't like people who think their little Beyonce's.

Diva Rules!!! lol

1)A Diva give's props when they're due
2) A Diva's original (Be YOURSELF)
3) A Diva is Sassy not a Evil Bitch lol

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha okay, thanks for clearing it up for me... Keep doing your thing...

Oh and by the way, I had to ask, are you haitian? Cus I am too, and faviola is a french name...

Faviola said...

Yup!...You know it!!!