Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hills ( As I see it)

So I'm watching my Monday's favorite...The Hills! I'm kinda thrown off by the promotion of the season finale, especially since I was expecting the "Series Finale." N-e-ways this particular episode seems quite funny, because it looks soo chopped an screwed.

Example A- Whitney has since BEEEEEN announced that she got the job in N.Y! (whispers of the spin off have been floating for way over a month now probably two)
B- They have already begun taping her show. lmao
C- So why did they show it all in the same episode like it wasn't already played out in the media already? Past and present combined in time. (nice billed up to the finale maybe?)
D- Heidi's & Spencer's wedding was SOO planned!
E- She was caught looking into the camera so many times while she was supposedly drunk that they was forced to shoot like 5 different camera angles. lol (maybe she was nervous)

But for all it's worth it cuz, I heard my favorite Heidi Quotable....

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