Friday, December 12, 2008

Khaled Sucks!

Behind the Clowns!...I mean Music.

Here are somethings that annoy me! lol

"We the Beesssssssttttt!" -DJ Khaled

Whatever! They're the WORST! I can't stand him! He's a "Get-wit" and a Clown.

Who told him could say Nigga? Did he get a black pass?

Can Khaled's tired ass, Please STOP!

An the only thing I would say to him is "I don't believe you, you need MORE PEOPLE!" -S. Carter

Whatever happened to Jazze Pha?

Isn't Dj Khaled, Jazze Pha reincarnated???

Ladies! Didn't you think Pha was the closest living to to Winnie the Pooh?

....wasn't that his nickname?

.....Eeek! naw that's Mannie Fresh's name. An we love us some Mannie, don't we?
(YES!) lol

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