Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Talk w/ Louis J.


This is an intro to our series, "Family Talk" featuring Louis J. and I. I'm pretty sure you have a brother you go back and fourth with about, life, lessons and relations. An if you don't have one, well I'm a loan you mine. lol Ok! So its usually this time of day we do this (mid-day) where we discuss life, an its matters. In doin so, I'm telling him about this mornings blogs.

Which lead him to ask "Why do ya girls expect us to know random stuff? they expect us to know all the things they don't say". He went on to explain how girls get mad at what guys don't do, "Every dude is not the same!" He was giving examples of how they get mad when they "Expect you to know" how they felt or what they wanted. So I said, "Lou, every guy KNOWS how to treat a woman!" I'm sure since you was three, you knew the basics. Don't hit, Don't curse, Caress, Be nice, Don't yell. We like hugs and kisses, flowers, surprises, romance ect... Stuff that Aladdin movies showed you. An he was like "Your right I do know how to treat a woman". I was like everybody knows! Those are the fundamentals, we ain't talkin bout the real shit here. Like, I don't expect you to be Jordan, but I'm sure you know how to pass the ball an dribble. Ya feel me! Lou then said "Mann, that's why in the beginning, I'm just like tell me what it is you want. Cuz I don't want to guess. If I don't know, then I DON'T KNOW!" So then I was like well that's nice an dandy but, what if she tells you how she feels ova an ova. You just keep F'n up, well then, that's just cuz don't care. He agreed, because even though he's a guy, he's still rational. N-e-Wayz.... I started giving examples of how my bestfriend was engaged to this guy who she had to CONSTANTLY address how she didn't like him acting or treating her. Lou said " Well that's how it ended the way it did. If he gonna act like dat". Which is true. Lou: "You see, I'm not gonna get married to any girl knowing that. You know what annoys you. You know that they're not gonna change, so why stay. That's them! You know dat dude has habits that you can't stand, before you got married. You can't get mad. Once your married your obligated to deal with that shit. I can deal with shit, cuz noones perfect. Everybody has their shit. If she sloppy, fine! I can pick up some clothes. But if she mean, naw! You know she had that mean shit when ya'll were dating. You know what your able to put up with. You know what will push you to the edge". An I was laughing cuz he was soo right. I say that all the time. Lou: "I don't do ultimatums, but if I "F" wit you, I'd try to work it out or something. Not change but adjust and shit". An that's when I decided to share this with ya'll, cuz I think everyone needs their own boy Lou. If you don't know how these men out hear think, he can give you some kinda insight. Unless you just dating an Ass! lol He can't help you there. Lou offered to write this, but as the introduction of the series I'd take care of it. But the next one will be all on him. Lmao I was like " Man I don't know what will happen next year, but Imma be happy. Period! Either its with whats keeping me happy now or to go about receiving another means to my happiness. There's no need in stressing ova someone Else's husband. My ex told me that saying. He said, "I wouldn't stress ova you if I didn't vision you as my wife". An then Lou dumbass, gonna bust out and say "well I'd tell my girl, Its whateva if I wanna go to next level with you baby". I was dying! Cuz he don't use words like baby an stuff. lol He was then like "Well I don't like want a girl who's real jealous". I was like, "well what if you make her that way? an you was "F'n" up all the time, or least before?" Lou was then like, "Then we gotta rebuild that Trust! I will say sorry about mines, that's not an issue. (Soso)= Girl name for any girls he speak of... Soso told me that " What I got is good, but GREAT maybe out there. And that was f'd up! I don't care about GREAT, cuz you won't find that. Good can become Great! You can mold and grow with someone, to be where you want them. It's the strength on one person and the willingness from the other". -My boy Louie is the TRUTH ain't he? But that was our session today, I'll keep ya'll posted till next time- Adios

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Nae Nae said...

wow! lol yaw had a very controversial conversation. i agree, everyone knows how to treat one another. they, including myself sometimes, are just too worried about personal satisfaction instaed of treating others how they want to be treated. things are sometimes easier said than done.