Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mini Carts

Sooo, I'm SICK! (tear, cough, sneeze) I don't know why I thought I was "Superwoman" but, my body's like..."Oh no, bitch you didn't!" Waking up at 6 am to go to the day job, then some nights at the restaurant is brutal. Not to mention, the podcast I'm now Co-hosting every Wednesday night. I guess the sudden shift is a bit much for my body. I need more REST, or this diva's done!!! lol

N-E-Ways...I'm in "Harris Teeter" (today) looking for some medicine, an I see thee' Cutest thing ever!
There was these little toddlers with mini shopping carts. I'm talking about, toting mini check list in hand and all. There was this one boy that was soo adorable. He was pushing a full cart, 'Captin Crunch' and all with his list an pen out. He was seriously studying and checking things off as he went along shopping. I must say, its quite a cleaver way to make kids behave at the store. As long as your willing to buy what's in their cart. lmao

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