Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your Really Pretty for a "Brown" Girl!?!

Stacey Dash

Ohhh OK! So I'm up early cuz this was just too funny. So I was talking to a friend, when he proceeded to tell me that him an his best friend discussed me, an how pretty I was for a dark girl.

{Nails screeching on a chalk board}
Pardon? Come again...? For a dark skin girl? An I'm not even dark lol! "Not that there's anything wrong with that" ~Seinfeld lls

Halle' Berry

I was least to say mortified, by this supposed compliment. It was umm cute and liable to pass, as an adolescent. But as a young adult, to make suck blanketed ignorant statements! Eeeeh, not so much. Sadly, he meant not harm, because he sincerely thought I'd be flattered. You can tell me I'm bad, pretty an beautiful EVERYDAY. But when you slip an add "for a dark skin girl" you might as well said nothing. It's like, did I shock an amaze you. Did I achieve some goal? Your little Godiva! An I asked some of my male friends. Do you typically think dark/brown skin women aren't attractive (KP! lls) ??? I get that soo much that it's expected, but I had to speak on it. I've gotten ..."Damn your a badddd Brown Joint"! Gee Thanx, I suppose. I thought beauty was beauty...Period! Smh!

Janet Jackson

Rozonda 'Chili' Thomas (TLC)

Lashontae (Video Girl/Model)
Shout out to ALL my Beautiful BROWN BETTIE'S!!!


chlincoln1911 said...

This is kinda funny but sad. That person might have well said "You look good for a black person". Its like most people are attracted to "lighter" women because they stand out more (I guess). Don't get me wrong, darker women are gorgeous (I cant think of another word for But I will admit I WAS more attracted to "lighter" women back in the day but I realized the true beauty in women of my shade of brown. Darker women have that sex appeal that is easy to notice. Im not discriminating on either shade, I am just attracted to my shade or something close to it. And yes Faviola you are beautiful!!!

T.O.M.B.O.I. said...

Well... you know boys will be boys... LOL.. Sike nah, but baby girl you are beautiful and you already know that. Don't allow your self to get frustrated with foolish comments, but the reality is a lot of people are color struck and put too much emphasis on light and dark skin. I mean just as much as you get the "you look good for a dark skin girl" there is a female that hears... "you are bad for a red joint" LOL!! Regardless, I love all women of color and I guess the most beautiful part about it is there are so many different shades to choose from you get caught up in categorizing women based on their complexion. Oh and last but not least... thank you very much for putting up that picture of Stacey Dash... GOOD MORNING!!!!!

Faviola said...

LMFAO!!! Yea your right Toni cuz your beyond red w/ ya see through self! But Beauty is Beauty!!! lls an Thank you Chick!