Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How Valentines Day Should Be!

I would say that February 14th is a gift and a curse! When your in Love there's nothing better than running around trying to surprise them. Or compete with your friends for the best gifts, as it implys you got the best mate. But, if your alone it's like Hell on earth! You feel unloved, unwanted and undesired, that you couldn't even get a card.

I remember in high school, one year (when all our boyfriends graduated) me an all my girls wore all black. Even though we had valentines, it wasn't the same, because they weren't around. I know in college, there's no extremes to the day like before. No flowers sent to classes, no balloons upon balloons carried around. None of that showboating around your love to others.

Men shouldn't hate this day, or see it as another Hallmark swindle! You should want to be sweet, charismatic, an romantic! Let's be real, the day of courting from prospective suitors are DONE! On a slim to none chance, we actually have someone who's sincerely sweet and good to you yearly. Valentines day is that day that you can't forget to shine. It's your day, your perfect and that extreme exception. My best advice is to just surprise someone! I know personally I LOVE surprises. It shows them that you took the time an effort to show them you care. Anyone can say happy Valentines Day!

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