Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If He/She goin be SHADY/CHEAT, Then so WILL I!

What comes around, goes around and you reap what you sow!!!

Unless your just a lucky bastard, who gets away with murder every time while making millions an relaxing everyday. But usually paybacks a Mutha F@&k... an Karma's a B$@&! etc...

"Revenge is the sweetest Joy, next to getting Pussy..." ~TuPac

Life says, if you believe in karma, you'll let life naturally take care of those who've wronged. In most cases, that's the complete opposite. Get back is the name of the game, for every tear shed. He cheated, so F' that! So will I. She said what!??! We'll let me tell you about her. Why would ya ol' boo say that if it wasn't true? I don't know, but let me tell YOU! Is an on going circle, as well as a daily occurrence.

My thing is, you are WHO YOU ARE! If your not a good person by now, odds is you'll never be. Can only hope, to get somewhat better. But you'll mostly likely remain an AWFUL person. Everyone knows what's right an what's wrong. An you damn sure know how to treat each other. You know what hurts you, an generally others. You just choose to not give a fuck, or take responsibility. Every time I hear a story from both sex's about get backs on ex's for cheating, I laugh. It's like "She did him, soo yea I sexed so an so" an told my girl afterwards. An had the nerve to say, they felt bad.

Yes, everyone on earth can do whatever they like at anytime. But that's what separates YOU from animals, because you THINK! You have the ability to use logic, an not act on impulse. Unless your just a "WEAK- MINDED" individual. I ask...

"Well if you were just waiting on him/her to cheat or do something fucked up, for you to do the same back..Why were you with him/her if you were just waiting on a Reason to do the same?"

It's funny when you've dated someone, an y'all stop dating. All the things come out, about em. You hear countless stories from girls and guys alike, of how they've acted an what they've done while y'all were close. Or if they did this an this, why don't you do this an that an the third. An yes it maybe disheartening, to hear those things of someone who looked in your eyes an said they cared. Not knowing, how embarrassing their actions were. But that's them, an Not you. That is the way they live, an how they're perceived. Noone can make you be an Asshole, say Mean shyt, Cheat, Lie, Speak Down on others, or be Shady to those who are nothing but exceptional an love you.

I know if the person I love hurts me I would be devastated initially. My first instinct would not be to go have sex w/ some random. That shit won't make me feel better, at the end of the day. Getting fucked twice, hypothetically an literally is too conflicting for me. {I would need a moment! lls} Or people who send revealing notes/phone calls to other women/men exposing them an their character. I personally don't have time for all that. An no matter what he/she did, if you loved/cared for them... Why would you instantly want them to feel the same way? That won't make you any better than them.

An in turn, becoming them won't help either.

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