Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 reasons to LOVE Lilly Allen!

1) She doesn't give a F*ck!

2) Blew up from Myspace! Who shops deals anymore?

3) Sasha Fierce, Amy Whinehouse, an Corrine Bailey Ray wrapped in one.

4) She's your bad conscience w/ an angels voice!

5) Her music is the Truth! Far from the mundane!

6) She makes Blatant excuses for the use of Heron!
F*ck You Rehab!

7) Her obvious weight loss, makes her even more Fabulous!
Just enough!

8) She's pro getting WASTED in Public!
The inspiration of "Blame it" lol

9) You've heard of the LOVE song, well she's created F*CK Off songs! w/a smile!

10) Got the balls to talk shit to Elton John in public!

1 comment:

Nick (CFKS) said...

I've never given her a chance. Not a fan of what I have heard, but I'll have to give her another spin.