Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Do You Know Your Fallin In LOVE?

Everyone was asked this simple question...

"What is one sign that you noticed to let you know you was fallin in love with someone or loved em!" ~Faviola

Lauren London- "girl i never know I just go with the flow until they tell me they like me... I then pay attention to my feelings...if i even have any for them"

Angela (Angie Ange)- "If I can look at u while you're sleeping and not be repulsed Im prolly falling"

Dante' G- "seeing someone all day/all night and not wanting them to leave, love doesnt take breaks Fav lmao"

Shay- "used to come home and just leave all his shit everywhere on the floor! i fuckin hated it! Annoying wasn't the word but you don't really see when your in love i guess"

Chris C- "jus constantly on my mind...experienced the good and bad together and managered to overcome it and her really bein my friend and girl at the same time"

Javar- "u care more about them than u do urself"

Brian B (Monk)-
"No matter the situation, how my day was goin (good or especailly bad) they could brighten my day & make me smile. Make me forget my problems or share joy on good days!"

Antonio J- "butterfly's at all times can't stop think of them"

Dee Jay- "when we had to separate from someone an you really ain't want em to leave or once they did you realized how much they mattered to you....ya feel me?"

Eric E- "For me since I am such a private person I would say probably when I feel like I want them to be a part of everything I do"

Marcus C- "when you become emotionally attached to that person"

W Lance- "When we started to think alike and acquired each others mannerisms"

Kenny 'Bud'- "the moment i start putting my views and feelings aside to make sure i'm looking out for there's"

KP- "Cuz I wanna talk to them all the time... I think about them all the time and u just get that feeling that the person is perfect even though u know they're not...u start feeling like a kid again"

Troy- "You find yourself thinking about them throughout the day. You also find things around you that reminds you of him/her"

Dalontee' E- when u think about there every move like if they not with you, thats all you think about when all you wanna do is make them happy

Me- "I knew I was in love then when I couldn't argue wit em face to face cuz I would be pissed (so alot of times I just stayed quite) but soon as we made eye contact we laughed I could neva freakin stay mad an if he hugged me it made it all betta no matter what the issue was."


Anonymous said...

you know you're falling in love when the love songs on the radio start making more

omar said...

You know your in love when you are aware of the person's flaws, but you appreciate their imperfections as them being unique

Anonymous said...

You know when you fart in front of that person.Lls!!!!Naw you know when you make an ultimate sacrifice on some that is important to, so you can do something for that person.