Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't Deny What Is Real.... by:Faviola

I don't know what to do, follow through, or be jaded
Say what if, or be glad that we made it
You started a game, an forgot how to play it
An now I am through, so much for complacent

I can be gone tomorrow, in a flick of an instant
Fuck good byes, leave you reminiscent
You neva knew what you had, but you will know when you miss it
I couldn't help you win, you were losing to begin with

You care what they think, but I'm what they're after
You sing the blues, while they offer me laughter
You play the rules, while they play on your heart
They hope you fuck up, to finish what you start

I get countless offers, it is quite amusing
They think that your dumb an don't know what your doing
Its like watching you drown w/o reaching to pull in
You made it so an now, your the only one your fooling

I thought you were stubborn, but in time you would learn
Don't deny what is real, for your heart will then burn


Javar said...

It is best to build your strength long before you must call upon it. It is best to deal with the small problems before they grow into big obstacles.
Do yourself a favor and prepare the way now for what you know will be here soon. Instead of anxiously rushing to catch up, calmly work your way ahead.
There's no way to know exactly what life will bring. Yet your past experience has given you a very good idea of what is most likely to come in the future.
Do what you know will need to be done, well before it must be done. Give yourself the delightful gift of a future free of last-minute stress.
You'll be much more effective when you can work on your own terms and at your own best pace. Work your way ahead, and give yourself many more options.
Prepare for what you know is coming, and you'll be much better positioned to deal with what you don't know is coming. Stop rushing to catch up and start moving solidly ahead.

Prepare the Way

Faviola said...

Nice poem babe!

Dollye said...

LOVE IT!!!! My girl!

Nick (CFKS) said...