Friday, March 27, 2009

Dallas cop denies access to Death bed!!!

When I was at work yesterday an saw this, I became furious!!! Its a shame how people who are supposed to serve us, harm us an not care. In the whole time that officer stopped, harassed an wrote that ticket....his mother in-law DIED!!! Th e officer is now currently undergoing investigation an, leave with pay till further notice. Most presume he'll be fired, as they held a press conference expressing their deepest apologies. Thank god for the video tape!!!


Maurice said...

Fuck Ass Hole
This Is Why I Hate Cops

Anonymous said...

Being a police officer got to be the toughest thing.25yr old cop has an ego problem, they want to flex their muscle. But u also have to put your position in a cop shoes the first 90seconds after he pulls someone over, anything can go wrong, cops get lied to all the time. All he was thinking was this is an inner city, a big tall black man run red light, n he's not stop. And we just had 3 cops killed in oakland,ca. Legally the cop did his job properly the first 90seconds, he became ignorant n cocky n stupid after the 90second mark. He should be fired.