Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beats by Dr.DRE

Released January 6th 2008
Besides the unique design, that makes you gravitate towards them, there known as the BEST around.

Prices range from $299.95- $349.95
Provides exceptionally crisp audio, with warm mids and thumping bass.
Cannot be used without batteries.

Seems like lately, EVERY artist somehow features them in their videos.

Keri Hilson :Turning me on
Charles Hamilton :Brooklyn Girls
Lady Gaga : Eh Eh
There's a hell of alot more, you just gotta pay attention next time you see one.

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Brandon | Fortyoneacres said...

don't forget that Lady Gaga also had them in "Just Dance" and N.E.R.D's "Sooner or Later"...and they've been on so many damn commercials. Those NBA commercials with Lebron James in the locker room...he has some.

I have to say that I've wanted a pair since I first peeped them awhile ago. But that's kinda steep for a pair of headphones I don't care how nice they's still a recession.

Now those ear bud ones are a more manageable price at $150...