Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Title an No Strings Attached

Soo so so Good morning people! This topic was provoked by an SC honey of mine Mia. An a male friend of mine who was just baffled by it all. She basically asked if it was a good or bad thing, to be in a situation with "NO STRINGS ATTACHED." I said No! lol

I hate it when I see girls try an be tough an act like they don't care, when they do. Stick to what you do, an if he's not wit it, you don't really want him. I know it's kinda the text book answer. But hey....its the truth. Now what I don't like, are the guys that are frauds! We know that women care an have emotions....yada yada yada. But some men straight up an LIE! A lot of women don't know what they've gotten into, until two months later. After time an emotions have been invested and established. Like who the hell is going to volunteer for the bullshit? An I'm a be the first to tell ya, I don't give damn what a nigga tell you. You come ask me and I will tell you the truth! lmao

I see soo many people wrapped up in unnecessary foolishness. Claim they don't like drama but they are showing there ass out here. I know you may want someone, but if they let
you know its JUST SEX do you really want em? Are you able to handle that? Do you understand that there will be nothing more??? Cuz you'll be mad as fuck later when that shit is just now processing. A lot of people are blindsided by their wants, that they're not realistic. I'm not about to sign up an let some dude beat the pink out of my p#### for fun. Just because!!! I don't know about you, but I'm not emotionless. I love me, an odds is you would, and have, if you fucked wit me. All that, is just to messy, an a real fine line that people try to walk.

Being an a relationship with "NO TITLE" is like the eye of a storm. Kinda like Beyonce' and Jay, when everyone knows y'all "ARE" but you just don't say it or stamp it. You do everything together, go everywhere together and talk about everything. But the "BUT" is your NOT official. Soo all the technicalities are very soo much present. I can date other people but I love you. You sleep in my bed almost every night, but if I get drunk with my boys an have sex with a random girl. I'm technically single, cause I'm not ready to commit. Its a toxic situation that you'll end up fighting yourself with.

Heart v.s Mind

P.s don't get me wrong, there are some women out here that go harder than some of these men. They know what they want..take it an keep it moving. Just don't light that flame, if you can't handle the fire.

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