Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sex Sex SEX! Whose gotta have it MORE?

Men or Women, who has the bigger Appetite?

I know men in most cases get blamed for a lot. Not to say they don't deserve it most of the time, but we gotta be real people. When it comes to sex, who's gotta have it more??? Now women always been viewed as virginal and proper. Men have been known to be, promiscuous and leaders at infidelity. But this ain't the 40's people, and the stats are starting to line up. For the amount of men that ain't shit, you'll find the women turning tricks. Now for the most part, you'll hear someone say, we all like sex but women have more self control. An I know its sad to say, but I do so agree.

In most cases, men get blamed for what most people don't understand. Noooo! I won't be making excuses for a rolling ass ninja (i.e. whore) but, you may forget some things. When men hit puberty an their balls drop, the slightest things turn them on. They will get hard with the blow of the wind, an that's when they peak sexually. A man's sexual peaks are, from the mid-teens to the mid twenty's. But, they're YOUNG!!! So a lot of they're actions end up being reckless, detrimental and unapologetic. They DON'T care! They're excited and just throw caution to the wind, for every monetary bliss. I know your like soo, it's no excuse but that's life. You do a lot of dumb shyt when your young, period. An at the end of the day, its actions being carried out by a young minded individual. So what do you expect?

Now women on the other hand, think they slick. Men don't even catch on, an it's hilarious. We go through the exact same thing, an act the exact same way, about ten yrs. later after guys peak. The difference isssssss **Drum roll** we're a lot older, wiser and mature by then. So we react a lot better, and are able to control the situation. Not saying that's always the case, cuz men or women are both reckless at times. It's just that at this point, women develop a sexual independence. If ya man can't keep up, then you'll get a younger man who's still peaking. Those women are typically called "Cougars" like Demi Moore. An instead of finding any and everyone to scratch that itch, like a young boy. WE HAVE TOYS!!!! Think about it. We have hundreds of sexual toys, to fulfill our needs instead of running out an acting on them. Dildos, Bullets, Rabbits, Pu**y pumps, we have them all. An if I get ONE more evite to a toy party (lol) this year alone, an its only march........MARCH! lol

I say women want it just as much as men. Shyt! We may even want it more at times, an that's why all these older men are popping blue pills. It's human nature, plus it feels pretty damn good when done right. So you shouldn't be embarrassed, but don't be a hotass. Cuz when you do, you'll surely receive the consequences! Whether it be a sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, or ruining your relationship. It's all on YOU!


Alain said...

Women are sex fiends. And that's the truth ..ruth..

gregory said...

men are gonna think men...and women are gonna think men have no clue kind as to inform us of how often u think about sex we'd b much obliged ! ;)

RayRay said...

Honestly I think its equal between men and women. I think men are more spoken on it than women.

C said...

women do!! hands down.. I know Im not the only one.. I think it may have to do w/ us being a lil bit more on our "if I was a boy" type ish.. 4get day dreamin about love, puppies, flowers n BS, those days are long gone w/ those wack ass encounters of da boy that swore he was gonna "tear it up".. and then didnt even last long enough "rip" let alone tear up a damn thing.. funk that, the day dreams have evolved to "damn I wonder what his neck feels like under my nails" or "I wonder what his l x w x h is? and which way does it curve?" (cause you know it gotta curve!!) or better yet "if I just didnt care and rolled up on him right here and now butt a$$, would he.. nah, better yet COULD beat it like a cop 4 real?!" every women has had a similar situation where they wanted to do the tv thing and order up a pizza or cable, ol boi show up and you just seduce 'em, funk the ish outt him then tell 'em to get the hell on.. but thats the difference between men and women.. we THINK about and guys unfortunatley act on it, then think later... there fav, got a lil women insight going :) smooches, you know who

Trill said...

women of course because women if they could would go through men like men go through women just to see what its like. but since their image can be jeopardized they have to tame the hunger inside. women get very frustrated when the arent getting any. Shit they need it. Use a toy or a pole do what you have to do because i dont need the attitude.

Will said...

We each need it. Only difference is what our hormones are doing. As guys get older, the rocket might need a little more encouragement, but the interest is always there, especially if it's the right woman. And the fact is that if we stay in good physical shape, we get a lot better at it. It's knowing when to give it & when to hold it back, sensing when she wants it & how to tease her into wanting it more. Maturity in the bedroom (or wherever) is such a blast.