Monday, March 9, 2009

Don Ghotti Mixtape2

This DEFINITELY a nice summer selection. An YES! Ladies you can blast this as well. Be sure to play this to the very end to hear my shout out! lls you know I love it.

**Ladies Only** Get your I Heart DG Pin by simply Downloading my Mixtape & sending MSG!

The Adventures of Don Ghotti & Don Pitts - Official Mixtape Vol. 2 **Playlisting**

1) The Clearport - Intro
2) The Mama and the Papas FT. Tupac/ California Dreaming
3) Jamili Brown/ Blown
4) No Gimmicks FT. T Pain/ Everybody Else
5) Zshatwa/ Fresh
6) The Plague/ She Ain't Got No Clothes On
7)The Plague/ MoreLike a Anthem
8) The Bar B Q - Phone Call
9) Otis Lee/ Don't
10) Prema Lanay/ Heartbreaker
11) Colin Monroe FT. Young Buck/ I'm Fine
12) Prema Lanay/ Loving a Junkie
13) Bishop City feat. QT Jazz & DG/ Ice Creams and Polos
14) Nycole Kave/ Mack Girl
15) T!Katz/ 3AM
16) iKandy/Communication
17) Champ B/ Put Your Glasses Up
18) iKandy/Crush
19) Prema Lanay/2:45
20) Zuri Deveraux/ Mile High Club (Accapella)

Bonus Material:
Marky/GUCCI Sweats
V.A.D.O/ Letter To Big

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