Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For the Love of Favi or Whatever makes you Happy!

Mono says "For the LOVE of Favi"

Lou says "Whatever makes you Happy"....

OK world! So lately its been CRAAAAAAZY! As far as the dating scene in P.G/DC. Its pretty much just me going to work an going out. I just officially became a real free agent, an some teams are offering some good ass contracts. My boys Lou lou an Mono are my day an nights. Lou is my go to guy who breaks down ALL the bullshit. He tell me to ditch that nigga in a heartbeat, or get to know him. An he always ends it with, "Whatever makes you HAPPY." lol

Mono is a new infiltrator to my circle. He loves the Fav, but I offered him the homie card. Now understand that, everyone doesn't get offered that. Odds are, if its not gonna happen for us, I'll chuck up the deuce an its just hugs when we see each other. But I saw that he possessed an realness about him, with an hint of asshole-ness that was much needed. lmao An he always says "Fav your P.G/DC's most wanted"....."Its for the LOVE of Favi out here." lmao

Of course, in reference to the suitors at hand. All different an quite amusing, I end up tripping over my thoughts. Its hard deciphering bullshit while digesting sincerity's. That's why I have my boys, cuz they will pull ya card. Lou will tell me if I'm over analyzing or if I should tell someone to KR (Kick Rocks) = Get lost. An Mono just laughs while trying to pull out his bullshit radar. His bullshit patrol is ON POINT an he always give me the male view. But that's largely in part to the bullshit he's fed countless others. lmao

I've come across soo many types of people. From the....

Go Getter- Refuses to hear NO, he will have you in his life
Partly owns something an has his hand in a lot

Shy Guy-
Not sure how to approach you

Wants you to be his #1 fan

Cool Guy-
Swagger rigggghht!

Shadow watcher- The guy who's been admiring from a far waiting for that guy to fck up!
The Comedian- If he can make you laugh, he can make you do anything
Card Shower-
No cards an No games....will you have this ring

Lipstick Lesbian-
Soo pretty that she's Bold! She don't care an will go smack at you!!!

Mr. Back-Pocket-
That guy is making sure he has ALL his shit right for you so when he does.... its A Wrap!!!

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