Monday, March 30, 2009

Blake's Goodbye!!!

Proclaimed to be the #1 Draft pick
Blake Griffin is "IT!!!!"

Playing Forward at 251lbs, this boy is a PROBLEM!
His stats include 08-09: PPG- 22.7 APG- 2.3 3P%- .375 RPG- 14.4 BPG- 1.2 SPG- 1.1
Not to mention this 20 yr old is only a Sophomore, averaging 25pts a game this season.

"It's not like growing up I had in my mind I was training him to become the greatest college player in America" ~Taylor

Taylor Griffin is a Senior at Oklahoma along side his baby, brother holding down the court. Playing against MSU is what made me notice Blake. I of course wanted him to lose, since I use to be a Bear. Though I was somewhat embarrassed by Ameer Ali's attempt at a flagrant foul. That could of broke the lil boys neck, an was quite unnecessary.

But Blake's talent is undeniable!!!! While losing to North Carolina last night, Blake still managed to pull out 23 pts an 16 rebounds. It's looking like a goodbye to College as he graduates to the big league....but we'll see!

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chlincoln1911 said...

Blake Griffin is a beast. Hopefully the DMV will be blessed with his presence on a daily basis while he has a Washington Wizard Jersey on next year.